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About the Project

Innovative SMEs in all participating regions of ACCELERATOR are hindered by access to equity particularly in their early stage development. Thus ACCELERATOR engages in exploring and piloting the innovative path of acceleration programmes (a new type of investment readiness programme) towards improved business support in the Danube region. ACCELERATOR’S main objective is to enhance access to innovation finance through improving the institutional framework conditions and related policy instruments by developing the practical solution of acceleration services and influencing the concerned strategic framework at partner’s regions and programme level. The primary target group is SMEs in need of capital but lacking skills to acquire it.

For any further info please visit the project’s website: http://www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/accelerator

About the Pilot

Alba Accelerator as the Hungarian pilot in the ACCELERATOR project run and managed by CTRIA with the support of SZTA in two rounds in 2018. The target group of the accelerator is startups and teams with a business idea and/or proof of concept belonging to the Hungarian Smart Specialization Strategy priorities or to the sectors promoted by the Hungarian industrial policy. The accelerator offers quality content with the involvement of active and esteemed thematic experts from the Hungarian startup ecosystem and mentors with solid experience.

In the first round of the pilot the international jury selected 14 ideas for the first call of the Alba Accelerator programme realized within the constraints of the ACCELERATOR project belongs to the Interreg Danube Programme. The participating teams and SMEs being in their initial phase of development got mentoring from acknowledged Hungarian professionals. The process ended on 8th June 2018. The Corvinus University Campus located in Székesfehérvár gave place to the start-up day, where the 14 selected startup-idea-owners had the chance to shortly present their business development concept to the jury of investors.

The first three winners of the startup day as well as of the 1st round of the pilot programme are:

Viaplant (architecture - composite panel with UV and frost-proof properties)
S-Park (solar parking - multifunctional and intelligent parking system)
MAIk Lab Pointer (artificial intelligence framework boosted with the latest computer vision algorithms)

The second round of the pilot had begun, the  deadline of filling and sending the application is 11th of September, 2018.

During the 2 months of an acceleration round enrolled applicants will be have tailored assistance to developing a sound business concept that will be presented to a number of investors active in the Hungarian equity financing market. CTRIA runs the acceleration pilots. It provides internal mentor, organize the two acceleration rounds and it will secure the pool of thematic experts. SZTA will support the pilot by working out the current pilot plan, will provide mentors from its staff and will give a hand in monitoring and evaluating the two round of pilot.

Here you can find the application form to attend in the program.

Thematic issues of the mentoring program:

  • Content issues of starting a venture
  • Analysis of targeted market
  • Business planning
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Marketing and online marketing
  • Legal issues when negotiating investment terms with equity investors
  • Getting related for final pitch – content related consultancy
  • Getting prepared for final pitch - presentation technique

Output and prizes of the pilot for the participant SME’S and teams:

  • elaborated business concept with the involvement of experienced mentors and thematic experts
  • detailed action plan for 6 months following the acceleration
  • participation at international startup competition (subject to negotiations with partners)

For any further info about the pilot and the process please visit here.