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Széchenyi Venture Capital Management Ltd. (SZTAK) – Széchenyi Tőkealap-kezelő Zrt.

Széchenyi Venture Capital Management Ltd. – established in 2009 - is a 100% state-owned investment company under the professional supervision of Ministry for National Economy. Fund Manager mainly invests into industrial SMEs in later stage and spin-offs / start-ups. It manages EUR 203 million through its four venture capital funds which are financed by the ERDF and national sources.

SZTA Fund was launched on 1 June 2011, with the aim that Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises, previously lacking the appropriate equity instrument benefit from venture capital investment type financing. It is the first capital fund in Hungary that has been licenced by the European Commission on an individual basis to implement its large-scale small enterprise capital investment programme that is unique in Europe and has ever since been unparalleled in the Central Eastern European region. The SZTA Fund has a portfolio of 89 companies with EUR 42 million invested capital plus an additional EUR 15 million private co-investment. With a staff of 30, SZTAK is a professional venture capital institution with the knowledge and expertise relevant for the project. SZTAK staff has experience working with EU organisations having regular contact with DG Regio and DG Comp concerning venture capital issues and EU rules. As the SZTA Fund is from ERDF resources, the staff operates a complex management and control system supervised by Regional OP Managing Authority and checked by national and EU audit authorities. SZTA Fund has stable operations and strong finances with adequate liquidity. SZTAK is a professional institution in the field of equity finances, it has the thematic knowledge and expertise relevant for the project.​

Central-Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. – Közép-Dunántúli Regionális Innovációs Ügynökség Nonprofit Kft. (CTRIA)

CTRIA is a regional-level agency, member of a nationwide network established by the decision of the Hungarian government with the involvement of 5 public and semi-public partners in the region. Its core focus is to establish and maintain a network of services via the establishment and operation of a strong cooperation network with other service providers, universities and the business sector, as well as the general community through national and international partnerships. It has a full staff of 8 experienced employees and 5 permanent external experts, who have been involved in a wide range of regional, national, and international projects.

CTRIA has wide range of experiences and capacities:

  • Local economic and social value management services on a community-based approach
  • SME trainings and skill development
  • Value added entrepreneur services (market research, idea management, product design management, BC evaluation, rapid screening, etc.)
  • Services for special interest groups (Start-ups, young entrepreneurs)
  • Innovation support services (IPR, Innovation Management Audit, Business Planning, etc.)
  • Strategic planning (e.g. Smart Specialization /CTRIA is responsible for regional S3/, economic development, regional, and local operational programmes)
  • International network development, project development and management