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​Alba Accelerator as the Hungarian pilot in the ACCELERATOR project is run and managed by Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency (CTRIA) with the support of Széchenyi Venture Capital Management Ltd. (SZTA) in two rounds in 2018. The target group of the accelerator is startups and teams with a business idea and/or proof of concept belonging to the Hungarian Smart Specialization Strategy priorities or to the sectors promoted by the Hungarian industrial policy entitled Irinyi Plan. The accelerator offers quality content with the involvement of active and esteemed thematic experts from the Hungarian startup ecosystem and mentors with solid experience.

During the 2 months of an acceleration round enrolled applicants will be have tailored assistance to develop a sound business concept that will be presented to a number of investors active in the Hungarian equity financing market. CTRIA runs the acceleration pilots. It provides internal mentor, organize the two acceleration rounds and it will secure the pool of thematic experts. SZTA supports the pilot implementation by its expertise in equity financing, its broad network and through experienced mentors from its staff.​